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About Dr Anaebonam



Dr. Anaebonam is the founder & CEO of BREEJ Technologies, Inc., a developer and marketer of advanced treatment cosmetics products for problem skin

He has over twenty years pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology experience including formulation development and testing, analytical method development, quality control, stability testing, process development and scale-up, manufacturing, packaging, validations, regulatory affairs and business development.

Dr. Anaebonam was previously Vice President, Product Development and Quality Control at Ascent Pediatrics, Wilmington, MA and Section Head, Pharmaceutical Development at Fisons Corporation, Rochester, NY.

Dr. Anaebonam has traveled extensively throughout the world working with top Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic companies in Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Germany and Japan.

He obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree [First Class Honors] in 1978 from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Industrial Pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston MA in 1983 and 1986 respectively.

Dr. Anaebonam holds twelve United States Pharmaceutical Patents and co-authored a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology and the Pharmaceutical Textbook, Tablets Volume II.

Dr. Anaebonam is an international expert on Shaving Bumps and its treatment and presented a paper Titled “Shaving Bumps Impact on the Premature Aging of Black Skin” at the Cosmeceuticals Summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 21-22, 2007.

Dr. Anaebonam wrote the definitive paper on the real cause and treatment for Shaving Bumps titled” A New Hypothesis for the Cause and Treatment for Pseudofolliculitis barbae; Cosmetics & Toiletries, June 2007

He was the Chairman of the New England Chapter of the United States Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 1994, 1999, 2009.

Dr. Anaebonam is a United States Citizen