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Our New Press Release – Bikini Bumps: Banished! Just in Time for Summer, New Bump Terminator Bikini-Line Lotions from BREEJ Technologies Now Available

Posted by Aloysius Anaebonam, PhD - bumpdoc on

Lowell, MA Updated June 27, 2015

BREEJ Technologies, a leader in advanced shaving bumps treatment products announced today the availability of its Advanced and Fast Acting New Bump Terminator ALCOHOL FREE Anti Bump Serum and The Bump Terminator Anti Razor Bump Serum For Women for the rapid resolution of bikini area bumps, bumps on legs, underarms and face at

Whether a woman shaves or waxes, the skin of the bikini-line is prone to irritation and inflammation. The pressure and friction caused by snug clothes–sitting all day in fitted trousers, for example–make matters worse.

The universal evidence: painful “razor-bumps”, ingrown hairs or pseudofolliculitis barbae along the sensitive inner thigh.

Now, just in time for the skimpiest summer beachwear, BREEJ Technologies introduces the New the New Bump Terminator ALCOHOL FREE Anti Bump Serum and The Bump Terminator Anti Razor Bump Serum For Women, part of the Bump Terminator collection created by innovative entrepreneur Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam, President and Chief Scientist of BREEJ Technologies.

The serums [an alcohol free version and a non-irritating alcohol based version] may be safely applied for the resolution of existing bumps and the Alcohol Free Version to even the most tender skin, including skin which has just been shaved or waxed.

Founder Dr. Anaebonam holds 12 US Patents, as well as a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree (First Class Honors) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Industrial Pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston. In creating his formulas for the Bump Terminator collection for women, he drew upon the global pharmacopeias of traditional herbal healing as the source for the primary botanical ingredients. These roots, leaves, flowers and herbal extracts endow the products with antimicrobial, anti-fungal and healing properties — Dr. Anaebonam explains that results are often visible in 12-24 hours.

The other perhaps surprising source of inspiration: the vast Black Diaspora of people worldwide with African or part-African heritage, which extends across Europe to the Caribbean and the Americas. “Black men know all about razor-bumps from shaving the face, neck and the back of the head,” says Dr. Anaebonam. “In richly pigmented skin, high melanin content makes the inflammation cycle worse when irritated. The bumps invite infection, and often leave a darkened spot, referred to as “post inflammatory hyperpigmentation”, on the skin long after the bump heals.

Women of all ethnic backgrounds often experience the same when they shave their legs, bikini area, underarms and face.”

Dr. Anaebonam initially created a luxury-shave line targeted for Black men, intended to break the cycle of inflammation, irritation and scarring. “We are trying to reduce irritation,” says the entrepreneur, “We want to treat and soothe existing bumps, and prevent future bumps by stopping the cycle of inflammation, which is no more than the skin trying to defend itself against the trauma from shaving.”

The new bikini-line serums for women were inspired by overwhelming response of consumers outside this core demographic. The all New Bump Terminator ALCOHOL FREE Anti Bump Serum and The Bump Terminator Anti Razor Bump Serum For Women, part of the Bump Terminator collection are available at

Key ingredients in the Bump Terminator Line For Women include: 

BUMP TERMINATOR ALCOHOL FREE ANTI BUMP SERUM FOR WOMENCentella Asiatica , Cucumis Sativus, Harpagophytum Procumbens, Lagerstroemia Speciosa, Forsythia Suspensa, Saururus Chinensis, Morus Alba, Alteromonas Ferment, Vincetoxicum Atratum, Eperua Falcata, Yucca Schidigera

BUMP TERMINATOR ANTI RAZOR BUMP SERUM FOR WOMENNatural Healing Oils – Hibawood, German Chamomile; Extracts Of Gotu Kola, Devil’s Claw, Banaba, Willowbark, Licorice; Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid And Alpha Bisabolol

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About BREEJ Technologies: 
BREEJ Technologies based in Lowell, Massachusetts is a leading developer and marketer of advanced products for Shaving Bumps.

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