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Shaving Bump Treatment And Razor Shaving Guide for Black Men Issued By BREEJ Technologies

Posted by Aloysius Anaebonam, PhD on

In issuing the Science of Shaving® Bump Treatment and Shaving Guide for men, BREEJ Technologies wants to demystify how shaving bumps and ingrown hairs are caused, how to quickly resolve existing shaving bumps and how Black men can shave the face, neck area and head. BREEJ Technologies has determined the biochemical reactions involved in shaving bumps formation and developed a comprehensive product line to quickly and effectively eliminate all kind of shaving bumps including the very difficult to treat "back of head bumps"

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About Shaving Bumps

Shaving Bumps, also referred to as ingrown hairs, [more appropriately referred to as "entrapped hairs"] pseudofolliculitis barbae or pfb, plague over 10 million African American men in the USA and over 300 million men of color worldwide. Shaving bumps; including the very difficult to treat back-of-the-head/neck bumps, represent a very significant issue for Black men. Some have seen limitations in their careers as well as major social setbacks due to their inability to get smooth shaves. Many have reluctantly given up shaving altogether.

Ingrown Hairs/Entrapped Hairs

Ingrown hairs [more appropriately referred to as entrapped hairs] result when existing shaving bumps block the opening of the hair follicles on the skin forcing the normally growing hairs to grow into the existing bumps [hence the name 'ingrown hairs'].

Shaving Bumps precede ingrown hairs and as such ingrown hairs are not the cause of shaving bumps

Shaving Bumps and ingrown hairs also plague over 100 million men and women from other ethnic groups worldwide. For men the face is red, irritated and covered with bumps. In women there are bumps and redness in the bikini line area, legs, underarms and face.

BREEJ Technologies disagrees with the widely held view that Shaving Bumps are caused by “in-grown” hairs – wiry, curly hairs that curl and grow back into the skin.” This concept of “in-grown” hairs has led to a lot of poking & probing of the shaved area with tweezers often further aggravating the problem. BREEJ discourages this practice as the additional trauma can lead to infection, hyper pigmentation and significant skin damage.

BREEJ postulates that “Shaving Bumps are Primarily caused by Trauma from Shaving, resulting in inflammation of the shaved area manifested as “bumps” as the body reacts to the trauma, compounded at times by Bacterial/Fungal Infections. Induction of Melanogenesis by Irritated keratinocytes during shaving produces additional inflammatory mediators exacerbating the condition [this is the main reason why men of color with higher levels of melanin have a higher incidence of shaving bumps]”


You must first resolve existing bumps before resuming shaving

[never use tweezers to pull out "ingrown hairs". pulling out "ingrown hairs" as this will result in damaged/darkened skin]

Use a good anti-bump product or kit to resolve existing bumps such as the Bump Zapper Severe Bumps Kit or Bump Terminator Lotions from BREEJ Technologies prior to resumption of shaving

Shaving over existing bumps [especially with classic razors] will only worsen the condition

Use a good skin repair and brightening cream product to resolve damaged/darkened skin [caused by shaving bumps] such as the Bump Zapper Skin Repair And Brightening Cream


Black Men Should Only Shave with a Multi-Blade Razor

The best razor for Black men is the multi-blade razor for the following reasons:

Multi-Blade Razors cause minimal irritation [irritation from shaving is the main cause of shaving bumps as noted earlier]

Multi-Blade Razors are easier to use and cause fewer nicks and cuts especially for first time users or users transitioning from other shaving methods

Multi-Blade Razors shave more surface area per stroke and as such results in faster shaving

Prepare your skin for shaving by first cleansing and lubricating the area to be shaved with a good face wash and shave gel such as the Bump Terminator 2-in-1 Anti Bump Face Wash/Shave Gel

It is best to shave in the shower so the hair is first softened by the warm water

Shave with a Multi-Blade Razor [Never Shave your face with a single Blade Razor]

Soothe and Condition the shave area using the Bump Zapper Anti Bump Soothing Lotion

Shave every day as it is much easier


Black men should NEVER shave with Single Blade Razors for the following reasons:

Single Blade Razors cause more irritation to the skin - a special concern for African American and Afro Latino men [with higher levels of melanin] resulting in the production of additional inflammatory mediators released as a result of the induction of melanogensis by irritated keratinocytes caused by the trauma from shaving

Single Blade Razors are more difficult to set up and more cumbersome to use especially for first time users or shavers transitioning from other shaving methods

Single Blade Razor shaving is more time consuming [covers a smaller surface area per stroke] and should be reserved only for shaving aficionados who relish the set up routine and process

About BREEJ Technologies

BREEJ Technologies, Inc., a majority black owned company, develops and markets advanced personal care products for problem skin and collaborates with world-class international partners in product development and package design.